178 Products

 Surface Technology
  - Aqueous industrial cleaners (23)
  - Chromating agents (3)
  - Chromium-free Conversion treatment (3)
  - Coagulating agents (23)
  - Cold degreasing and cold cleaning agents (11)
  - Cooling lubricants, not water miscible (5)
  - Cooling lubricants, water miscible (9)
  - Cooling water treatment agents (6)
  - Corrosion protection agents, not water miscible (6)
  - Degreasing and cleaning agents, washing thinners etc. (7)
  - Degreasing and iron phosphating agents (9)
  - Emulsifiable corrosion protection oils/Emulsion cleaners (6)
  - Industrial Coatings (10)
  - Melting dip masses (2)
  - Organic degreasing/phosphating agents (2)
  - Paint solving and paint reducers (3)
  - Paint stripping agents (14)
  - Pealable Coatings (3)
  - Pickling, De-rusting agents (7)
  - Special Cleaners (5)
  - Ultra filtration cleaners (2)
  - Waste water treatment (9)
  - Water displacing agents (5)
  - Zinc phosphating agents (5)


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Industrial Coatings

Our range of industrial paints includes a wide variety of traditional solvent-bond systems, as well as water-based qualities. Following consultation, we will develop a specialized product to meet your individual needs. If desired, we will provide samples for your evaluation – we can also provide full analyses data. Our technicians will be present at your plant for the initial application of our products in order to make any adjustments which may be necessary.

  10 Product(s)

Stove enamel with precisely adjustable reactivity; also available as hgih-solid enamels
Product no. Contiphen®
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2-component-PUR paints for high-quality coatings
Product no. Duoflex®
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Stove enamels to adjust electrical insulation or electrical conductivity characteristics
Product no. Dynophen
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2-component-PUR/EP paints for coatings highly resistant to chemicals
Product no. Epoxal®
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2-component-EP paints for high-quality corrosion protection
Product no. Hakudur®
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Specific artificial resin for corrosion protection
Product no. Industrial Primer
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Pealable paints, with maximum elasticity and tensile strength
Product no. Isoflex®
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Air-drying paint systems on an artificial resin and plastic basis in all shades of colour
Product no. Lunal®
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Special heat-resistant paints to withstand temperatures of, in some cases, up to 650 °C
Product no. Lunatherm®
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Textured-finish stove enamel with precisely adjustable reactivity and load-bearing capacity; also available as high-solid enamels
Product no. Plastophen
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  10 Product(s)